Grace Lessons Week 34

I don’t know about all of you, but I sure needed this reminder today.

The past week… boy, howdy — it’s been a bit more hectic and crazy than usual.

And to top it off, I stepped into the closet in the garage where I store stuff like extra paper towels and reached down to grab a roll, only to get a handful of slimy, icky little frog! Ewww!

Sorry, I digress.

Honestly, though, the past week I felt like my head was only screwed on half-straight and it showed in the number of stupid mistakes I made and ridiculous things that happened because of those stupid mistakes.

To a person who is something of a control freak when it comes to her work and wants everything to be perfect – stupid mistakes are so incredibly annoying and challenging to get through.

I hate making mistakes.

And when I spend a week making one after another – it drives me batty.

And then that nasty little inner voice that only spews out negativity kicks into high gear, pointing out every misstep and foible.

It’s really, really hard to give myself grace after those kind of things happen, but I’m learning to.

We all need to give ourselves grace when we think we least deserve it.  After all, that’s part of what grace is all about.

If you’re struggling today, criticizing yourself today, feeling down or like life is a spinning a little out of control – give yourself grace.

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