Grace Lessons Week 35

8-29This quote — I just love it and it spoke to my heart so loudly and clearly this morning.

I’ve noticed, just the past week, how darkness is settling in earlier and earlier each evening.

A few evenings ago, I was working late on finishing the first-round edits on a new book. Darkness had settled, but I was so intently focused on my work, I didn’t notice. It wasn’t until Captain Cavedweller came to check on me and flicked on the office light, that I realized how much I’d been straining to read with just the computer for light.

Turn on the lights…

As a little girl, I was terrified of the dark. I don’t think I ever completely outgrew it. There’s something about pitch blackness that sends my “fight or flight” response into overdrive. Even if I know I’m safe and all is well, I prefer not to find myself anywhere I’m surrounded by engulfing, inky blackness. Yet, sometimes, when I am in those situations, those are the times I find myself drawing closer to the Light. When I do that, the darkness doesn’t seem too looming or frightening.

Turn on the lights…

There’s another kind of darkness, too. One from within. It’s where those negative voices live. They dwell in the darkest, blackest corners of our minds and hearts. The negative thrive on darkness and fear, bitterness and anger. They’d like nothing better to spread their poison everywhere, but the more we turn toward grace, the more we shine a light on them.

Turn on the lights…

Grace is such a humbling, beautiful, amazing, glorious thing. One that fills our lives and hearts and minds with hope and peace. So today, my friends, I hope whatever you do or wherever you go, just Turn on the lights…

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