Grace Lessons Week 38 & 39

Last week was so crazy, I didn’t even get a Grace Lesson posted.


So I’ll share two little thoughts today and hope that makes up for it.


If you are like me, you probably struggle to accept grace with open arms. There can be any number of reasons for this – a feeling that we don’t deserve it, that it’s too much, that others need it more, that it’s far better to give than to receive. Most of those reasons boil down to a little niggling voice in our head telling us these things.

Grace is… grace – forgiveness, mercy, hope, and love, such incredible love. That’s the awesome thing about love – it looks past the flaws and the “don’t deserves” and all of these negatives – and grants grace anyway.

And when we receive it, when we accept it with a thankful, open heart, we accept the promise to share it with others.

Which brings me to the second part of my post today:


When we accept the grace given to us and share it with others, some pretty amazing things happen.

And the more “grace” we embrace in our lives, the more generously we give it to others.

It’s an awesome circle, isn’t it?

May you go through this day (and week) accepting the grace held out to you, embracing the love poured out on you, and sharing it with others.


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