Grace Lessons Week 42


For the most part, I’m a shy introvert who likes to stay home and hide out in my writing cave with my imaginary friends – aka my book characters. (And yes, I did just say that.)

I spent the past four days away from my writing cave around a bunch of fun, interesting, exciting, adventuresome, talented, amazing people. (And I’ll write more about that later this week.)

But what I noticed during the course of the weekend, was how good it felt to let go of all the “need to dos” and “don’t have time fors” and just enjoy a new experience (that will ultimately benefit my writing in ways I can’t possibly foresee).

There were so many moments of grace, so many little blessings, I came home with a very full and thankful heart.

Sometimes, it’s a good thing to abandon our routine and find ourselves in a place where we can enjoy those little moments of grace. I don’t think it was the fact that I was somewhere new and different that inspired those moments as much as it was the fact that I decided ahead of time to open my heart and mind to whatever might come my way.

As you go through this week, may you find many special moments of grace that touch your heart and bring you joy.

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