Grace Lessons Week 43


Yesterday at church one of the hymns we sang was about having sufficient grace and mercy.

In one of those moments where a thought hits you with a sudden force, I realize how incredibly true those words were. I’ve never been through anything when I didn’t have a sufficient supply of grace and mercy.

I liked this image of two street signs intersecting, one way leading us to mercy, the other to grace.

And I liked the idea of the two intersecting. I think that happens right when we need them most.

It made me think of this image:


Even in the darkest, coldest places, a light still shines on, especially where there is mercy and grace.


And I loved this quote. I fail. Over and over and over again, yet there that wonderful mercy is.

And every time I stumble, grace is there to catch me.

Some people say grace is getting something we don’t deserve while mercy is not getting something we do deserve.

I’d agree with that. I’m flawed. I’m human. I’m needy and I make mistakes (so many mistakes), but no matter what, there is that beautiful grace and tender mercy wrapping around me and helping me continue.

May your week be full of grace, mercy, and love.

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