Grace Lessons – Week Eight

joy and grace

I love this quote for many reasons, but perhaps the biggest is because it combines three such important things: love, joy, and grace.

In thinking about how this quote applies to me, to my life, I can say that in our home love is spoken here. Loads of love. Love is spoken in many ways… not just verbally, but through actions, through hugs and smiles. That is a blessing for which I am grateful every single day. Every one.

Joy is also chosen daily in our home. If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you probably surmised by  now that Captain Cavedweller is a bit of (okay – a whole lot of) a tease and jokester who is rarely serious.  There is much laughter every day, but there is also joy that bubbles up from our hearts from the awareness of how fortunate we are in this life.

Grace is given in our home to each other, and to those who might not reside within its walls, but reside in our hearts. Grace is extended to those who are strangers but in need of it. And ever so slowly, I’m learning to give myself those sweet measures of grace.

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