Graham Cracker Cookies

When I was a kid, I thought one of the best cookies ever was one my mom would often have waiting when I trudged off the school bus.

Back before I was banned from chocolate, these delicious goodies would be piled on a plate ready for me to inhale with a glass of cold milk.

I had no idea then that my mom whipped these together as I was no doubt stepping off the bus. I was sure she had labored hours making them just for me.

During the abyss of my childhood when no chocolate was allowed, Mom would make them with other fillings like plain ol’ vanilla. But nothing quite beat the sweet, buttery goodness of the chocolate filling.

I’m going to share the secret recipe for these cookies with you because you could whip them up for your kids in a matter of seconds or you can set out the ingredients and let them make their own. Even better, right?

So there you have it… the ingredients and recipe and…

Really. That is it.

You take two graham crackers, generously spread with frosting, sandwich together and enjoy! Now if you wanted to get all fancy pants on me, you could make your graham crackers from scratch then make your butter cream frosting from scratch. But that would take a few hours out of your life you could spend eating bon bons or sitting with your feet up reading a good book. My mother, of course, made the frosting from scratch.  But I’m more of a pop the top on a can of frosting and go from there kind of gal.

Take a few seconds out of your busy day, make one and be glad you indulged! Or have the kids make one for you!

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