Gratitude Challenge – Week 10

gratitude challenge

This week’s gratitude challenge is going to be, well… a challenge.

I’m supposed to list five things I like about me.

I’d rather list five things I like about a perfect stranger, anyone I know, the neighbor’s dog, our neurotic cat – but here goes…

1. Tenacious –  If there is something I want, something very important to me,  I don’t easily give up. In fact, I’ll do everything humanly possible to make it happen. And if someone should make the mistake of telling me I can’t do it – it’s like pouring gasoline on open flames. Yes. I. Can. I’m grateful for whatever gene in my DNA gave me tenacity and perseverance. It’s been most handy throughout my whole life. (And yes, it sometimes gets me into trouble, too.)

2. See Things Through –  This one kind of goes along with being tenacious, but if I commit to doing something, I’m fully committed to the end. I’m not the person who quits half-way there. There have been times when I probably should have given up but was too stupid or stubborn to quit. I’m grateful for the ability and desire to see things through to the end and honor the commitments I make.

3. Loyal – More than one person has told me I’m loyal to a fault. I will stand by someone through thick and thin, highs and lows, ups and downs once they have earned my trust and loyalty. However, I will say that once you break my trust and pierce that loyalty,  I am “all done” and there is no going back. I am grateful that most people who have earned my loyalty have kept it and have been loyal to me in return.

4. Kind – I try very hard to be kind to people because it’s the right thing to do and it makes my heart glad. That saying, “Be Kind. Be Kind. Be Kind,” is often in my thoughts. I even have a little sparkly rock on my desk that says, “kindness.” I’m grateful for kindnesses that come my way and the willingness to share kindness with others.

5. Creativity – Once I grew up, I realized not everyone is in possession of a wild, overactive imagination and creative mind that never shuts down. I love writing, as most of you know, but I also enjoy doing crafty projects. I’m more of a “creative” cooker than one who follows an exact recipe. I suppose that could be said for how I approach most things – with more of a creative outlook than a rigid guideline. I am very grateful for the creativity I’ve been given – especially when it allows me to wake up every day and do something I love so, so much.

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