Gratitude Challenge – Week 11 and 12

gratitude challengeBecause I was blog-hopping last week, I skipped my weekly gratitude challenge post.

I’m going to combine last week and this week in today’s post. Last week, I was supposed to write about someone who inspires me and this week I’m supposed to write about a favorite personality trait.

I know I’ve written about my dad before, but truly he is such an inspiration. My brother needed some help planting wheat two weeks ago, so Dad made the 45-minute drive out to his farm then spent the day on the tractor.

This might not seem like a big deal to most, but my dad is in his mid-80s.

He made me laugh when he said he was sure my brother put tires on the tractor that were a foot taller than he remembered because pulling himself up into it made his arms sore. If I was his age, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to even get my foot high enough to reach the first step!

My Dad remains very much young at heart and can run circles around me most of the time.  I just hope when I’m his age, I’m half as active and “with it.”

Thoughts of my dad bring me to a favorite personality trait. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a trait I possess or one I admire – but with this answer, it covers both.


I admire optimistic people (like my dad) and I also strive to be optimistic. It makes the day so much more pleasant when you look for the sun to appear after the storm instead of waiting for lightning to strike or hail to fall.

I think optimism helps keep you young and engaged and it definitely helps keep you happy and grateful.

So… my hat is off to my dad (again) for inspiring me and passing on his optimistic gene!

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