Gratitude Challenge Week 16

gratitude challengeThis week’s gratitude challenge is about the simple things in life.

Easy peasy…

Here are a few of the “simple things” that mean so, so much to me:

Sunset 09-14Sunshine – I love sunshine. I need sunshine. I could live somewhere the sun shone 360 days a year. Any day I wake up to see the sun shine – I am filled with gratitude that it is there. (And the Son shining in my heart every day makes me happy and blessed, too!)

Bowl of mini rosesRoses – The scent of them makes me smile and their delicate beauty brings me joy. (Although trimming them isn’t my most favorite thing.) I’ve adored roses ever since I can remember. If you don’t believe me, ask my mom…

baby shoesBabies – There is nothing like the scent of a baby’s head, or the feel of their sticky sweet kisses. I love, love to cuddle babies and rock them to sleep. I’m thankful for every baby I’ve held and loved.

chocolate-heartChocolate – It is a secret to none that I am a chocoholic. Some of my favorites include simple treats like peanut M&Ms and warm chocolate chip cookies (all soft with the chips all gooey). After a dozen years without chocolate during a horrid chapter of my life when a family member (who’s initials are MOM) decided I was allergic to chocolate, I’m making up for lost time! I’m so thankful I’m not allergic to chocolate and still think it should have its own food group.

Bread – Homemade bread, hot out of the oven, with butter dripping into the surface… yum. I’m so thankful my mom taught me how to make bread, because there is nothing like that yeasty scent filling your home on a cold winter day. Nothing.

pianoMusic – Before my hearing failed me, I used to love to both sing and play music. Now, I enjoy listening to music. Although the lyrics sometimes escape me (and I’m not the only one with that affliction at our house), I love to listen to music and have it playing while I work.

Scott April 5Love – Love is a simple (and entirely complex) thing. I’m so, so grateful for the love that fills my heart each day for Captain Cavedweller and for the unconditional, unwavering love I receive from him.

What simple things bring you joy or fill your heart with gratitude?

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