Gratitude Challenge Week 17

gratitude challengeThis week’s gratitude challenge is focusing on something I take for granted.

As I think about which particular thing to write about, I realize there are numerous things I take for granted.

Far too many, in fact.

For today, though, I’ll say that I’m extremely grateful for my health.

I get out of bed every day with the expectation that my legs and feet will carry me through the day. That my arms and hands will lift whatever needs lifted. That my back will hold me upright as I move through the day (or sit for hours in my office chair writing). I fully expect to be able to see and smell and taste, although admittedly my eyesight isn’t what quite what it used to be (not that it was ever fabulous). I don’t give a thought to my heart pumping properly or my body functioning as it should.

Sure, I’ve got a few little “issues” like arthritis and bursitis and hearing loss (and no, I’m ninety years old!) and I could exercise more and eat less chocolate… but for the most part, I’m in good health.

Although I most often take that for granted, I am truly grateful for my health and for this body that carries me through one day after another.

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