Gratitude Challenge Week 23

gratitude challenge

This week’s gratitude challenge is a little, well… challenging.

I greatly dislike talking about anything remotely related to this topic, but I’m supposed to choose my favorite physical trait to share.

It wouldn’t be the nose that was broken in my 7th grade PE class by the basketball my archenemy slammed into my face (and yes, I had an archenemy, although I’m not sure she knew she held that auspicious title – I was too painfully shy to tell her.)

It wouldn’t be my hands (although I’m grateful to have them and that they both function well). But the age spot that has popped up on one has caused me no end of grief (thanks, Mom, for passing on those genes!).

Definitely not my feet – between broken toes and an arthritic ankle – nope, definitely not the feet.

Hair – it’s usually somewhere between mostly and completely a mess, despite my hairdresser’s best efforts.

Mouth is too small, chin is too stubborn (and jiggly).

I think I’ll go with eyes. When I was in high school, our English teacher made us draw a classmate’s name, then we had to say one positive thing about that person. A boy I had a huge crush on at the time, drew my name and said my eyes were like “sponges,” soaking in everything, shining bright and moist. Up to that point, it was the most romantic thing anyone had ever said to me and my little sixteen-year-old heart nearly beat its way out of my chest.

Despite the wrinkles that seem to appear with alarming frequency, I’m so, so grateful for my eyes and to have my sight. Even though I have to wear glasses to see anything in a distance, they guide me through my day, serve as a key component of me doing something I love every single day, and give me the gift of seeing the face of my beloved, watching the world around me I love so much.

What physical trait of yours is your favorite?

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