Gratitude Challenge Week 25

gratitude challenge

This week’s gratitude challenge is about education – which seems a little strange since it is officially summer now and who wants to think about education or school!

Seriously, though, I have much to be thankful for when it comes to an education.

My first eight years of schooling were spent at a wonderful, country school with some pretty amazing teachers. We had four classrooms and I don’t think we ever topped 100 kids in the whole school. Our average classroom size was between 20-25 kids, and because it was in a small community  – the teachers knew the students they taught.

It made for a very safe, caring environment – even if I was too shy to appreciate it at the time!

My high school years were spent attending the high school in the closest town (about 15 miles away). The bus ride was painfully terrorizing (mostly just to me because it provided way too many opportunities for someone to speak to me!), but again, I was very fortunate to have some great teachers. One teacher in particular (I had him for both my freshmen and senior English classes), gave me a new appreciation for books and expanded my literary horizons. He was tough and getting an A in his class a huge accomplishment, but he was always fair. I’m grateful that he challenged us, challenged our minds in ways we hadn’t experienced before.

My first two years of college were spent at the nearby community college. I had some incredibly awful professors there and some who’s lectures I can still remember. The history teacher I had was absolutely amazing. He didn’t just teach dates and events – he brought history to life in a way that still makes me smile when I recall the fun mornings spent in his classes. He is one of the reasons I love researching historical details for my romances!

I finished by education and earned my degree from a state college (that has since become a university) nine hours away from home (in good roads, it was more like 11 or 12 in the winter).  It was there I met the professor who would tell me I’d make a terrible journalist and I should think about writing romance novels. At the time, her blunt statement made me made and just to prove her wrong I went on to spend ten years working for newspapers. However, she ended up being correct -my love (and I think my talent) is in writing stories with happy endings, bursting with sweet romance. I’m grateful that she saw something in me that it took me a while to recognize.

I’m a believer in being a life-long learner which means I’ve gained an education from some other very important “schools” that include:

• The School of Hard Knocks

• The Classroom of Nature

• The Wisdom of Age and Experience

I am thankful for all the people, circumstances and experience that gave me the education I have and look forward to my “continuing” education as I go along this wonderful, blessed journey of life.

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