Gratitude Challenge Week 26

gratitude challengeThis week’s challenge is to share my gratitude about someone I got to meet.


There have been any number of people I’ve been so pleased to meet.

When I used to work for newspapers, I met so many interesting people while I was covering a story or doing a lifestyle interview. One that comes to mind this morning is a strong, courageous woman who still ran her own ranch as she neared her 90s back when I first met her. She worked hard every single day and the trials of her life were etched into the weathered, tan lines of her face, but she was such a wonderful big-hearted character. Talk about an inspiration – she’d lost her husband and child, had lived through the Great Depression, and faced more tribulation than most of us want to even think about enduring.

My last place of employment, where I worked before I quit to write full-time, occasionally welcomed celebrities among their guests. The one I met who stands out the most is Jason Priestley (and his wife). He was every bit as cute as he appears on TV (and shorter) but he was charming and kind. I half expected him to be full of himself and arrogant but he wasn’t… not at all. His wife was lovely and gracious.

I’m also grateful for the friends I’ve made¬† through the years from people I just “happened” to meet. And I’m grateful for the wonderful friends I’ve never met in person but feel like I know from meeting you here and on Facebook. You’ve become so dear and precious to me – and I’m grateful for you every day!

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