Gratitude Challenge Week 27

gratitude challengeToday’s Gratitude Challenge is to write about the favorite spot in my city.

Since I don’t live in town and am really a home-body, I’d have to say there is no place like home.

I love living out in the country where we have plenty of big sky and fresh air.

When we were on vacation recently, some friends we were with commented on what a lovely sunset we had that evening. Captain Cavedweller and I looked up, but all you could see was a little orange glow over the tops of the many buildings and trees.

A Sunset threeWhen I think of a beautiful sunset, this is what comes to my mind – and I feel so blessed to enjoy sunsets like this on a regular basis.

I am incredibly grateful that I grew up on a farm with all the room a girl could need to stretch her wings and learn to fly.  And I’m grateful now for the quiet peacefulness of our home that provides a wonderful setting where I can get up every day and do something I love so much.

Wishing you all a beautiful, wonderful Monday – and week ahead!

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