Gratitude Challenge Week 28

gratitude challengeToday’s gratitude challenge is to be grateful for something in my past.

There are several things I’m grateful for, so maybe I’ll sum it up like this:

* I’m grateful for the people who didn’t believe in me, told me I couldn’t do something – because it challenged me to prove them wrong and pushed me to succeed.

* I’m grateful for the people who were unkind, spiteful and mean because they taught me what behavior I’d no longer accept and made my relationship with those who treat my kindly that much sweeter.

* I’m grateful my family believed in kids having responsibilities, chores and doing their share on the farm. My childhood shaped me to be responsible, hard-working, self-motivated, dependable, and organized.

* I’m grateful for the opportunities that nudged (or tossed) me out of my comfort zone and helped me grow as a person.

* I’m grateful beyond words that I met Captain Cavedweller.


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