Gratitude Challenge Week 7

Sunset 3Today’s gratitude challenge is to share something I’m thankful about in the town where I live.

Technically, I live in the country between two towns.

I’m incredibly grateful to live somewhere we not only get sunsets like these, but I can actually look outside and see them.

Our little valley where we live has something of a microclimate. In a normal year, we receive about 320 days of sunshine. We do experience all four seasons. I love spring, summer and fall and tolerate the winter because it means spring will be arriving again soon. (And I don’t really have a choice, do I? Unless you know someone who lives in a year-round warm climate who wants to adopt a slightly neurotic writer with recluse tendencies for a few months out of the year…)

Seriously, though, I feel very blessed to live in an area with many beautiful landscapes, wide-open blue skies, and fresh air.

Somewhere that sparks my imagination and helps me spread my wings.

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