Hang Up and Drive

Yesterday, as I was driving to church, I couldn’t help but notice two youngsters riding down the sidewalk in their little motorized car.

It could have been something right out of a commercial with the nice neighborhood in the background, a little boy clutching the dashboard and his sister driving, her ponytail bobbing in the breeze.

The thing that caught me  by surprise was the fact that the little girl, who couldn’t have been more than five or so, was steering with one hand and held a cell phone in her other, not paying any attention to where they were going. Her little brother must have said something because she looked up and turned the wheel just before they would have crashed into a mailbox.

I couldn’t help but wonder if the kids are just following the example their parents set for them.

Although most people think they are so great at multi-tasking they can handle driving and talking on their phones or driving and texting, the truth of the matter is that no one should be diverting their attention away from the road. No one.

It’s dangerous, irresponsible, and  could very well end in disaster. Especially when those actions are being mimicked by those so young. Do you think they’ll grow up to drive safely when the example being set is that it is perfectly okay to play on the phone and drive?

If you haven’t yet watched Tim McGraw’s Highway Don’t Care video, it’s a great reminder, especially to teens, why they need to focus on their driving instead of their phone.


She Who Wants You All to Be Safe

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