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If you sometimes struggle to maintain a happy outlook, there is a wonderful website called Happify that can really help keep you headed in the right direction on a daily basis.

There are great activities you can do, designed to boost your happiness level, wonderful and informative infographs, an unbelievable network of supportive and encouraging people, and so much more! You can even sign up to receive a daily dose of happiness emailed right to you.

It’s free and fun and one of the best “happiness” websites I’ve come across.

I first encountered them back when they were still test-driving the program and was fortunate enough to become one of their Happify Pioneers.

Just spend a few minutes poking around the site and you’re sure to find something that will make you smile or boost your mood, like this infographic on The Science of Happiness.

Check it out and get your happy on!

Each Monday I share my thoughts on happiness in my own personal Happiness Project for 2014. Feel free to post your thoughts or comments on happiness.

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