Happiness is Being You

Happy ElephantI came across this photo of a joyful elephant and immediately loved it. Look at that smile!

If I could title it, I’d say “Jubilant” is a great description.

This elephant doesn’t care what anyone else is doing or thinking or saying – it is just enjoying something it obviously loves.

It made me think of how many things that bring us joy or happiness we set aside because we’re afraid of what others might think or say about us.

Who cares! Do more of what makes you happy and stop worrying about what others think. Although it’s something I have to remind myself about frequently – what others think about me isn’t any of my business anyway.

I have a friend who is just the sweetest, happiest person. She’s always upbeat and excited and full of life.

She’s the kind of girl who sings along to the radio at the top top of her lungs, jamming in her car on the way home from work. In fact, the other day, she mentioned something about sitting at a stop light, singing to one of her favorite songs. She looked at the pickup next to her and the guy was looking back at her, singing the same song. They gave each other a thumbs up and went on their way.

That’s the kind of “do what makes you happy” I’m talking about.

If something brings you joy (like singing in the car or wearing a flamboyant scarf), go for it!

Worry less about what others might say and more about cultivating those things that make you happy!

Each Monday I share my thoughts on happiness in my own personal Happiness Project for 2014. Feel free to post your thoughts or comments on happiness.

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