Happiness Is…

Happiness Is…

• Warm sunshine on your shoulders.

• A gentle breeze on a hot afternoon.

• The first bite of a ripe summer peach, so sweet and delicious with juice running down your arm.

• The scent of a rose in bloom.

• The yeasty aroma of homemade bread, hot out of the oven and dripping with real butter.

• Decadent, rich dark chocolate.

• The moment when a familiar hand holds your own.

• Candy-sticky kisses from a child.

• The fragrance of heaven found only on top of a baby’s downy head.

• The sight of your house after a trip away.

• The sound of joyous laughter.

• A favorite song you’ve heard so many times, you know all the words and can sing along.

• The feel of  green grass on bare feet.

• Crawling between cool, crisp sheets, fresh off the line.

• A gorgeous sunset that sets the sky aflame.

• Receiving a note from an old friend.

• Time spent doing nothing with somebody special.

• Waking up with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

What makes you happy?

Each Monday I share my thoughts on happiness in my own personal Happiness Project for 2014. Feel free to post your thoughts or comments on happiness.

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