Happiness List Week 10


This week’s challenge is to list the ways you feel lucky.

Here’s the thing: I don’t feel lucky. I’m not a subscriber to the “luck or no luck” theory.

What I feel is blessed. So incredibly blessed.

Luck is essentially believing in a force that operates for good or ill in your life, shaping circumstances, events, opportunities, etc.

Blessings, however, are all about looking for the good in all circumstances, events, opportunities, etc. When you seek out the blessings instead of burdens, you tend to find them. And when you realize how many wonderful blessings you receive in a day, that is a pretty amazing feeling.

So here are a few ways I feel blessed today:

*I feel blessed to do something I truly love every day. Writing is a huge blessing to me.

*Captian Cavedweller is a blessing to me. The moment he walked into my life, I was so blessed.

*I am blessed with a comfortable home and life.

*I’m blessed with good health.

*I’m blessed with laughter and sweet friends who make my heart smile.

*I’m blessed to just to be able to sit here and type this list – the freedom to do so, to make my own choices and share my thoughts… a blessing.

Is there something that makes you feel blessed today? (Or lucky if you prefer.)

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