Happiness List Week 12

happy gardeners

This week’s happiness list challenge is to list the people who make you feel happy.

If I listed them by name, this list would go on and on and on.

So I’ll hit the highlights, instead:

  • Captain Cavedweller makes me ridiculously happy. He fills my heart with love and our home with laughter.
  • Family
  • Friends (including those I have yet to meet but love so dearly)
  • Readers (many of whom fall in the friends I’ve yet to meet category)
  • People who smile at strangers
  • People who show compassion
  • People who lend a hand
  • People who know how to laugh
  • People who create beauty in the world (through art, words, music, flowers, etc.)
  • People who aren’t afraid to love

Who makes you happy? Brings a smile to your face? Warms your heart?



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