Happiness List Week 17

List the movies, books, and TV shows that make you feel happy.

Well, all I can say is this is going to be a random list! Here are a few…


kiss princess

The Princess Bride

John Carter  and The Lone Ranger (even if no one else liked them, I did!)


Most animated Disney films

Most movies on the Hallmark channel (particularly the Christmas ones, or so Captain Cavedwellers says!)


Less Than Perfect



Young Riders (don’t judge!)

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman


The Middle

The Goldbergs

NCIS Los Angeles

I also seem to have a thing of adoring shows that are quickly cancelled. One of my absolute favorites starred the late Heath Ledger but Roar only lasted a few months.


There are so, so many books I love, it would be hard to list them.

When I just want a light-hearted read that I know will make me smile and give me warm fuzzies, I often choose a Marcia Lynn McClure book.


What are some of your favorite books, movies and TV shows?


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