Happiness List Week 23 and 24

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I didn’t get my Happiness List for last week posted, so I’m doubling up today.

The challenge for week 23 was to list simple ways you enjoy being kind to others.

This is a fun one.

I think my favorite ways to be kind to others are the following:

  • Smile. It always brightens my day when someone smiles at me. I try to smile at people I encounter when I go to town – even the people at the grocery store. Some people smile right back, others take a little time. Some scowl. But at least the effort was made.
  • Offer a sincere word of praise or thanks. If it comes from the heart a “kind word in due season” can mean so, so much to someone. I know a kind word from others has changed me whole outlook when I’ve struggled with a tough day.
  • Be thoughtful in actions. If there is something I can do that will help another, I generally try to do it, even if it’s just holding the door for someone with their hands full. Little acts of kindness go such a long way.

Are there acts of kindness you like to do for others?


The challenge for week 24 is to list every color you can think of what mood you associate with each color.

Wow. This could be quite a list.  I won’t list every color I can think of, but will hit some of the highlights.

Pink  – (One of my favorite colors since I was old enough to pick what colors I liked!) I like shades of pale pink, peachy-pink and bright pinks (like raspberry), but I’m not a fan of the in-between shades (think Pepto). Pink makes me think of roses, which makes me think of summer, which makes me think of things I love. In essence, pink is just a happy, lovely color for me.

Green – (Another favorite!) My favorite shades of green are again on the ends of the spectrum… mint green, sage green, hunter green and forest green or my greens of choice. Mint and sage I find calming (think spa days), while hunter and forest are rich colors that put me in mind of fairy tales and royalty.

Burgundy – Again, makes me think of fairy tales, castles, and royalty. A rich, deep color full of possibilities.

Blue – My favorite blue would be the shade of Captain Cavedweller’s eyes and cobalt blue always brings those amazing peepers to mind. I like sapphire blue (again such a rich hue). I also like Robin’s egg blue (which puts me in mind of spring!). I’m also a fan of navy blue. It’s just a classic color that makes me think of Jackie O and elegance.  And I love the gorgeous blue of a summer sky. Makes me feel free and takes me back to the summers of my childhood.

Red – I tend to favor the blue-red shades over orange-red. Red is a powerful color that can evoke strong emotions (like passion or confidence). Years ago, when I had important meetings with one challenging boss,  I would wear red for an extra boost of confidence.

Brown – To me this is an earthy hue that makes me think of rich soil and early spring or late fall.

Yellow – I really like soft, buttery shades of yellow and cream. Yellow is a cheerful color that can brighten up a dreary day.

Purple – I’ve had a love/hate relationship with purple. Certain shades I love. Certain shades I detest. But if it is one I love, I really, really love it! Purple has a richness, a depth to it that just makes me think of something elegant and luxurious.

Black – To me,  black is a very functional neutral that can look quite classic on its own or serve as a background for pops of other color. Other than associating it with funerals, I don’t know that I necessarily tie black to a particular mood.

White – This color (or lack of color) has always seemed serene and peaceful to me. I think it gives a hint of purity. It can also appear crisp and polished.

And there you have my basic color list.

Focus on your happy color (s) this week. When you see that color, acknowledge the feeling it brings you. Make it a goal to incorporate more of that color into the space where you spend the most time in your day.

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