Happiness List Week 9

list 1

Today’s happiness challenge is to list the things that happened today to bring you joy.

It’s still early here this morning as I type this, but I have plenty to feel blessed with and happy about today.

*For one thing, I’m grateful that I can get up out of bed and do something I love so much every single day.

*I’m excited the sun is trying to peek over the mountain and shine today. I love the sunshine and have missed it over the gray, dreary days of winter.

*I’m happy because Captain Cavedweller has the day off from work and we can spend today together.

*My health, my home, and the physical comforts around me are very much appreciated.

*The thought of a whole new day ahead of me gives me joy. I just hope I do a good job of writing that page in my life story today.


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