Happy 64th, Mom and Dad!

M&D wedding day

On this very day 64 years ago, my dad anxiously waited at his parent’s house for my mom to finish her evening shift as an operator at the telephone office so they could wed. Although the ceremony was late in the evening, the vows they exchanged held a full measure of promise and love.

Sixty-four years.


It’s just such an impressive number, especially in today’s world where people seem more inclined to walk away from a marriage than to invest time, effort, love and commitment into it.

You know I’m all about romance, so I thought I’d share a few photos my mother will no doubt be appalled that I’ve uploaded for all the world to see, but I think you’ll agree they are fun, sweet, and show two people very much in love.

M&D honeymoonThis is of the two crazy kids on their honeymoon. They went camping.

Camping does not list high on my list of honeymoon spots (or any spot for that matter), but they did pick a beautiful location.


M&D on shouldersI have no idea what they’re doing here, but I’m entertained by their matching shirts. There is no way in the world CC and I could have ever pulled off this pose – or the matching tops.


M&D hugsThere isn’t any specific reason why I love this photo so much, but I do. It’s playful and sweet and fun – all necessary ingredients for a wonderful romance.


M&D wth 3 kidsMy dad is a bit of a kidder,  joking around more often than he’s serious, as you can see from the pose above. I think it’s kind of funny he’s the only one looking at the camera.


M&D 50thSkipping ahead a bit… this is them at their 50th anniversary celebration at the farm.

I know if you asked them, they would say it wasn’t always easy. Sometimes things got tough – really tough, but they stuck it out and stuck by each other for 64 years.

I may spend my days making up stories of romance and love, but I was fortunate to grow up watching a real love story in our home.

Happy, Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!



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