Happy 80th Birthday, Mom

Saturday, I drove hours away to help pull off a surprise birthday party for my mom.

My dad and I had been planning it for weeks and were biting our nails in hopes the event would remain a surprise. Judging by the look on Mom’s face as Dad brought her into the room, our mission was successful.

About 80 people joined us to celebrate Mom’s 80th birthday (how ironic is that?). It was so awesome to see friends and family I haven’t seen in years and years.

I so appreciate everyone who came and helped make the party a big success. And those who helped keep the secret. And those who helped keep things running smoothly! You all are so appreciated!


The birthday girl with my dad.


Some of the family.


More guests...


The birthday cake, which I was glad to have the bakery make!


Flowers for the birthday girl.


I think one of my favorite photos I took was of my great-nephew Will holding my cousin's new little guy. There was just something about our baby holding a baby that made my heart melt in a puddle.


She Who Enjoyed This Party

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