Happy Anniversary

our wedding 1

Twenty years ago today…

• I put on the white taffeta gown I designed and my mama helped me sew.

• My maid of honor kept me laughing the entire morning as we rushed around with last minute preparations.

• I looked in the mirror for the last time as a single, independent girl.

• My daddy  walked me down the aisle to the cute boy who stood waiting – and smiling.

• The cute boy, who would become known as Captain Cavedweller, squeezed my hand and all was right in the world.

• We stood in front of family and friends and exchanged our vows, promising to love each other for a lifetime.

• I married my best friend, head cheerleader, and champion.

Twenty years ago today…

•I had no idea how much love for this wonderful, sweet man would grow in my heart during the next twenty years. He is an amazing husband, a true friend, and an all-around great guy – one I love more every single day.

Happy Anniversary, CC. Love you!

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