Happy Anniversary!


Four years ago today…

I sat in terrified yet giddy anticipation as my first set of books officially became available for sale. I’d written a short story and three full-length novels in a series I called The Women of Tenacity. Frightened and oddly hopeful, I spent the day developing an ulcer while a barrage of questions floated through my head.

Would anyone buy the books?

Would they like them?

Would they think I was the worst writer ever?

Would they think I was an idiot for sharing the stories in my head and heart?

Then some wonderful stranger downloaded a copy of Country Boy vs. City Girl and I breathed a sigh of relief before launching into a happy dance. I had sold my first book!

HOC Cover 2014For those of you who might not know, Heart of Clay was the very first book I wrote. It will always and forever be near and dear to my heart for a wealth of reasons.

If you haven’t yet read it, it’s free! You can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo and Smashwords.

CBVCGCountry Boy vs. City Girl is the second book in the series, although it was the third story I wrote. I hadn’t planned for Josh and Jenna to have their own story, but after spending two months struggling to write the characters and plot for the second book, I set it aside and moved on to the third. By the time I finished Not His Type, I knew the second book had to be about Josh and Jenna.



NHT Cover 2014Not His Type  just happens to have two of my favorite characters in it. Jake is such a flirt and tease and Anna is so, so different from the girls he usually dates. I had so much fun writing their story.

The Women of Tenacity short story is actually the last thing I wrote although it comes first in the boxed set. It introduces readers to the main characters in five fun chapters.

The Women of Tenacity

To celebrate my fourth anniversary today, I’m going to give one lucky winner an autographed copy of The Women of Tenacity collection – it includes the short story and all three books !

To enter, just post a comment below!

The giveaway will close Friday at midnight!

And to those of you who have offered your encouragement, support and friendship – who have written reviews, shared your excitement about my books with others, and blessed my life with your kindness – thank you from the very depths of my heart. I appreciate you so, so much!

You all are the BEST!

Love and hugs to each one of you!

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