Happy Birthday, Captain Cavedweller!

Today is my beloved’s birthday. Hooray!

And while we’ll be celebrating his day by attending a parade (for real! – how fun is that), eating lunch at one of his favorite restaurants, and enjoying homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for dessert this evening, the thing that makes today so special is him.

Captain Cavedweller is an amazing guy and I am thankful every single day that he’s part of my life and in the center of my world.

I could share a hundred reasons why I love him, why he’s awesome, but I’ll stick to ten.

  1. He’s kind. He’s the kind of guy that talks to old ladies and offers to lend a hand before someone has a chance to ask. That might not seem like a big deal but in today’s world where so many people aren’t it makes it even more special.
  2. He’s honorable. If CC commits to something, then he is 110% percent on board with it and he will see it through without question.
  3. He’s gentle. For a big guy, he really is so gentle and sweet.
  4. He’s hilarious. CC makes me laugh¬† – all the time. Even when I’m mad at him (which isn’t often) he’ll say just the right thing to make me laugh.
  5. He’s peaceful. CC isn’t one who wants to argue or be confrontational. He’s easy going and calm, and I love that our home is such a peaceful place. (Unless you come during a football game when the Seahawks are losing, then all bets are off!)
  6. He’s intelligent. I can’t even begin to tell you the number of times I’ve gone to him and said, “hey, can you tell me…” and he usually either knows the answer or where to find it.
  7. He’s fun. CC works hard every day, often overtime, and sometimes on his days off. But when he has time off and we can go somewhere, he turns everything into a wonderful adventure.
  8. He’s strong. CC has always been “tough and strong” and while that may seem like a silly thing to list, this girl has never grown tired of watching him heft things.
  9. Kids and dogs love him. It’s true. They really do. Our little nephew TJ thinks his uncle is his own personal playmate and jungle gym tied into one.
  10. He loves me. Faults and all (of which there are many) he loves me. Accepts me as I am. Encourages me. Supports me. And is always there when I need him most.

Wishing my marvelous husband all the best today and in the year ahead.

Love you more, Captain Cavedweller!

Happy Birthday!

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4 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday, Captain Cavedweller! It sounds like you have such a fun day planned. And Shanna, you definitely hit the jackpot with that guy!

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your special guy! He is definitely special. You have inspired me to stop and think of the ways my husband is special. I might even write them down and give him the list.

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