Happy Birthday to my Captain Cavedweller

Today, my beloved Captain Cavedweller turns … well, I won’t tell you. Mostly because I’m 11 months older than him and there is no need to age myself more than I must!
But I am so excited about his birthday and he is, too.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about CC, and some of the things I adore most about it.

He’s positive, upbeat and encouraging, especially on the days when I’m not. When I get discouraged, he’s been known to sing “Just Keep Swimming,” from the movie Finding Nemo, a fun way of reminding me not to give up.

He’s funny and makes me laugh every day. Sometimes, I laugh so hard my eyeballs leak, and that’s a good thing.

He’s caring and sweet, gentle and tender. In fact, one day back in the spring when we were visiting my niece and her two little guys, she and I were with TJ (the two-year-old) while the baby (only a few months old then) was content in his stroller. We looked back, and there was CC, making facing at the baby as he pushed the stroller along. My niece sent me a message later and asked if seeing him with Shane hadn’t completely melted my heart, because it had hers. And it did. We’re talking ginormous puddle. He is so amazing with my little nephews, and he will laugh for days about something TJ said or did when we get home from a visit.

He’s strong, and hard-working.

And he’s incredibly thoughtful. One night we were making gyros for dinner and he called before he left work to see if I needed anything from the store. I told him I had everything we needed. He asked if I had what I needed to make “that nasty cucumber stuff you like” which the rest of the world calls Tzatziki sauce. I told him I didn’t, but it wasn’t a problem. He came home with a bottle of premade tzatziki dressing from the store, after going to three stores to find it.

We were young when we met and married. Too young to know where life’s journey would take us, but I did know, without any doubt, I’d fallen in love with an awesome guy.

Which is why I wish him all the best today, because he deserves it.

Happy, happy birthday, Captain Cavedweller.

Love you more! <3

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