Happy Birthday to my Captain Cavedweller

Today, there will be cake and presents and a meat-and-potatoes dinner at our house because it’s Captain Cavedweller’s birthday!

I could list a hundred reasons why I love this guy so much. He’s sweet and funny and honest and kind, to name a few.

The new book I have releasing this coming Monday (Grass Valley Brides) has a character in it, Tagg, who is a bit of a rascal. I will admit, some of his characteristics are inspired by my beloved husband. There is a line in the book when one of the brides is thinking about Tagg that says, “the woman who married Taggart Thompson would spend her life being teased and tormented in the way rascally, good-hearted men were prone to do. His wife would ever be wooed and pursued and loved.”

That part, especially, is a reflection of Captain Cavedweller. It just so perfectly describes him.

There are days when he can be exasperating with his teasing and tomfoolery. Completely exasperating! But I wouldn’t trade one minute of it. His sense of humor has helped me through so many challenging times, and he’s brought smiles to so many people, I couldn’t begin to count them all.

Back in April, when we knew our days with my mom were in short supply, CC was there for me. In the two weeks I was at my folks’ house, helping care for Mom, he drove down to visit three times. And when he was there, he did whatever we needed help with from running to the store, to helping with the unending mounds of laundry, to cooking. He made us laugh and helped us, for a few sweet moments, forget the loss that rapidly approached. The last night Mom was with us, CC left work early, made the three-hour drive to be there, brought us dinner, and sat up the entire night with us. When Mom took her last breath, CC was right there, his hand resting on her foot while Dad and I held her hands.

You like to think, in times of crisis or when things seem the hardest, that your spouse will stand beside you.

I already knew CC would from past experiences. But having him there at such a heartbreaking time, offering such tender care to my mom, unwavering help to my dad, and giving me all the support he could is something I’ll always remember. He didn’t just stand beside me, but carried me when I lacked the strength to continue on my own.

He is one a million, and today I’m so blessed to get to celebrate his birthday.

Happy Birthday, CC! You are a precious treasure to me, and so very loved!

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4 Responses

  1. Shanna- well now I’m drying my eyes, but what a sweet testimony to such an amazing man, you get to call husband. I think you and I both won the Hubby lottery, what a wonderful way to spend our lives with men, most women only get to read about, in books. Happy Birthday Mr. CC and enjoy all your presents and good home cooked meat and potato’s, and I’m sure Shanna has a special dessert with candles in it for you.

  2. What a wonderful (and tearful) moving tribute to CC. I am glad you have such a great guy, you definitely hit the jackpot! P.S., and so did he!

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