Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday.

According to Captain Cavedweller I’m somewhere between “over the hill and not quite as old as dirt.”


Between email messages, facebook posts, cards, calls and gifts  – you all made me feel very loved! Thank you!

Despite his teasing about my age, CC did do a great job making me feel special.

First he sent me these at work:

Then when I got home, he gave me several gifts.

He knows I have a thing for antique dishes and roses. The  combination of the two is nearly lethal to my system:

Aren’t these gorgeous!

And this…

I think part of my heart is still melted in a puddle on the living room carpet.

I absolutely love this watch! The silver pattern on the band is barbed wire and then there are the stars around the watch face. Love!

Thanks to all who made my birthday so wonderful and amazing. You are so appreciated!

She Who Feels Very, Very Blessed

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