Happy Thoughts For Others

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Since I didn’t get my happiness post done yesterday, I thought I’d share it today.

Valentine’s Day was super fun for me.

It wasn’t that Captain Cavedweller spoiled me with flowers, candy, and a wonderful little gift (although those things were pretty awesome.)

What made it extra special was celebrating the happiness of others.

I think I smiled at every photo of a bouquet that was posted on Facebook Friday. I loved seeing all the sweet comments, thoughts, and pictures shared expressing love.

We can get so entangled in our own lives, in the thoughts in our own heads, we easily forget to honor the joy of others.

When we do, we can find it brings us a lot of happiness.

I liked this quote because it went so well with the direction of my thoughts.

Bring joy to someone else today and see if it doesn’t boost your own.

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