Hello, Spring!

Happy Spring to you!

With our cold, nasty weather today it is hard to think of it being spring. I’m hoping Mother Nature gets this figured out soon and sends some warm sunshine our direction.

Thinking of spring makes me think of my mother-in-law.

When Captain Cavedweller and I were dating, his parents lived in a house with a big backyard, half of which was landscaped with flowers beds. The first few times I was at their house, I didn’t notice anything remarkable about the backyard since it was the tail-end of winter.

Then spring arrived.

Seemingly overnight, hundreds of tulips burst into glorious, vibrant blooms and I had never seen anything so lovely. She had every color you could think of and some beyond that. There were the traditional reds and yellows  along with deep purples, bright pinks, soft whites and glowing oranges.

Other flowers put on a nice display but nothing like the show-stopping tulips that bloomed in profusion.

When his parents moved to a different home, I was so sad his Mom left behind all her beautiful tulips. She did share a few bulbs with me. More than that, though, she shared her love of tulips. Although my flower beds couldn’t hold a candle to the amazing showpiece she had, I have an assortment of tulips, including bulbs that once grew in Captain Cavedweller’s great-grandmother’s garden.

Somehow, when those flowers burst into bloom, I feel connected to not only CC’s mom, but his grandmother as well.

That is one really wonderful thing about spring, you know no matter what the whether might be like on the first official day of spring, it will eventually blossom and unfold outside just like it does in our heart and spirit every year.

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