Henley and the Town of Holiday


My upcoming release Henley is part of the new Love Train series of sweet, historical western romances.

It’s also set in the town of Holiday.

I first wrote about Holiday in a contemporary romance called Valentine Bride. At the time I wrote the story, I wasn’t very specific about the location, other than it was in Eastern Oregon and located a few hours from Pendleton, and a few hours from Boise, Idaho. As I wrote more books in the Holiday Brides series, I added more detail about the the town. But it wasn’t until I landed on the idea of writing a multi-generational series set in Holiday with my Holiday Express series that I dialed in an exact location. If you were to look at a map of Oregon, you’d see Highway 203 that runs into the mountains between Union and Baker City. I picture Holiday being on that highway, located somewhere in the middle between the two towns.

The first book in the Holiday Brides series, Holiday Hope, ends with Jace Coleman marrying Cora Lee, a mail-order bride who came to marry his wayward brother.

Henley begins a few months later. By the time Henley Jones and Doctor Evan Holt step foot off the Holiday Express train into Holiday, it’s spring and love is definitely in the air.

I absolutely love writing about the town of Holiday and the people who live there, whether it’s in 1885 or present day!

In this scene, Evan and Henley have just arrived in Holiday.


“Holiday, folks! Welcome to Holiday!” the conductor called as he strode through their car.

Evan quickly gathered his things and stood the moment the train came to a stop. Henley stuffed her purchases from Baker City into her bag, then took the hand Evan held out to her. He didn’t let go until she stood on the train platform, looking around with interest.

“We made it,” Evan said, taking a deep breath, then another. “That smells like home.”

Henley breathed in the fragrance of the trees that put her in mind of Christmas, along with the aroma of roasting meat in the air mingling with the odors produced by the train.

“Did Mr. Johnson plan to meet you here or at his store?” Evan questioned.

“The telegram I received just before I left indicated he’d meet me here. Do you see him?”

Evan appeared to scan the crowd, then shook his head. “No. I don’t. It will be easy enough to walk over to his store, though. Do you have many trunks?”

Henley pointed to the growing stack being unloaded from the baggage car.

Evan’s eyes widened; then he grinned at her. “Traveling light?”

The tension she’d been holding in her shoulders released, and she laughed, so grateful for Evan and his sense of humor. She had no idea what she’d do in a few very short moments when she had to bid him goodbye and step into her future with a man she may or may not even like.


Henley releases April 15. Reserve your copy of the book now for just $2.99 when you pre-order it today!

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2 Responses

  1. Another great story. I love that there are characters from previous series. They are like old friends. I also really enjoy all the research you do to make the stories believable and I love reading the history of places and events.

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Elaine! And thank you for your kind words. I enjoy the research and figuring out ways to incorporate it into the stories! Thank you!

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