Henley Characters

When I’m working on creating the characters for my stories, it’s always so fun to find the visual inspirations for my main characters.

With my recent release Henley, I knew I wanted the hero to have an Irish background, complete with red hair.

Finding hunky guys with red hair isn’t as easy as it might seem.

But as soon as I saw Gavin Stenhouse, I knew he was perfect for the character of Doctor Evan Holt.

It was so easy to picture him as the kind, cute doctor who turned Henley’s head.

I could totally see him sitting down across from Henley on the train and her being instantly smitten with him. Yep.

As for Henley, I wanted someone delicate, elegant, but with some sass and spunk.

Helena Mattsson is so perfect for how I envision Henley.

Beautiful. Smart. Captivating. With just enough sass to keep Evan on his toes. It’s no wonder he lost his heart to her at first glance!

One other fun addition to the cast of characters was Tuesday the cat. I had a cat-naming contest in my reader’s group. Thank you so much, Cindy P. for not only giving Tuesday a name, but for creating such a neat story behind it!

See more of the images that inspired Henley on my Pinterest Board!


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