Herding Cats

See those two fuzzy little felines above?

They helped me clearly understand what is meant by the phrase herding cats – undertaking something that is nearly impossible, frustrating, annoying and downright uncooperative and hoping to end up with a result that is satisfactory.

Uh, huh.

So these two little monsters, I mean loveable cats, were part of the props I was using to shoot photos for my Not His Type book trailer this weekend. How hard could it be to snap a photo or two of them on the loveseat?  It should have been a piece of cake. Especially in light of the fact that one of The Heinous Cat’s favorite places to sit is on the loveseat when you tell him not to.

I should have known that wanting them to sit on it, together, would result in a fiasco. Captain Cavedweller was called into action to try and keep the peace while keeping them from running off at the same time. The Heinous Cat has a deep-seated and quite unhealthy grudge against Miss Maizy, the Interloper. He doesn’t play nice with her very often. When he does, we know he is seriously ill.

The day I was attempting to shoot the photo, he was feeling perfectly fine. After shooting approximately 69 photos, I found two that were even remotely close to useable. And I use the term useable lightly.

My hat is off to anyone who tries to photograph, film, draw, paint or otherwise work with a cat. Trying to get them to cooperate is like… well… herding cats.

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