History in Fiction

Any of you who have read my historical romances know I like to weave in a few tidbits from history into each story.

When I was working on Bertie, I browsed through some old Pendleton newspaper articles, looking for anything interesting that caught my eye.

One day, I happened to notice an advertisement for the upcoming Fourth of July celebration.

4th of July celebrationI know this is a little hard to read, but you’ll notice at the bottom the sheriff is the grand marshall (look for that in Bertie’s story!).

The Fourth of July was such a celebrated event then, with special trains bringing visitors from outlying communities.

Here’s a little excerpt as Garrett, Aundy and Bertie travel into town to join in the fun.


Bertie smiled. “What is on the agenda today?”

“The picnic lunch, of course, followed by an afternoon of sporting events,” Aundy said, trying to adjust her glove without moving her injured arm. Bertie scooted to the edge of her seat and reached over the front seat, giving it a tug. Aundy offered her an appreciative smile. “I don’t want to miss the balloon ascension with a parachute jump.”

“My word! You mean someone will ride one of those hot air balloon things up and jump out of it? Are they crazy?” Bertie couldn’t imagine doing such a thing.

“Maybe, but it should be exciting to watch. There’s also going to be bronc riding and an evening parade. For some reason, though, the dance was canceled.”

Bertie was sorely disappointed by that tidbit of news. She’d been looking forward to dancing, especially with Riley and Nik. She turned her thoughts to the bronc riding. “Are you going to compete in the bronc bustin’ contest?”

Garrett looked back at Bertie. “Are you asking me or my wife?”

Aundy released an exasperated sigh and Bertie laughed again. “I wouldn’t have to ask if Aundy’s arm wasn’t in that sling. I know she’d be the first one to compete.”


Only two weeks until Bertie releases! Hooray!

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