Hitting 100

When I decided to jump into self-publishing with both feet and publish not one but four stories, I was scared half to death.

What if no one liked me books? What if I never sold even one copy?

Then someone bought the first copy. Ah, the relief of it all. I felt completely validated as an author and writer because one person took a chance on my ability to tell a story and purchased my book.

Then a few more bought my books. Would I sell 50?

When I sold 50, I started to wonder if I would sell any more? Was that it or would people continue buying them.

Surpassing 100, I can’t even tell you how much joy and excitement that brings to my world.

Thank you to everyone who has believed in my and purchased my books. You can’t begin to know how much I appreciate it.

It gives me encouragement and hope that maybe, just maybe, a few people out there are enjoying what I write.

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