Holding Umbrellas

Over on my Savvy Entertaining blog, I rambled on today about a girl I met in college who quickly became a dear friend. Part of the reason we are still friends is that she always had my back.


I met Kat at college. We lived in the same dorm, just a few doors down from each other. I don’t know why a big city girl like her decided to be friends with a country bumpkin like me, but I’m so glad she did. During homecoming one year, our dorm did a western-themed skit. Rather than participating in the skit, Kat instead walked beside me with her umbrella trying to keep the rain from destroying my leather jacket.

Seeing that photo really made me think of how great it was to have a friend willing to get soaked while she held an umbrella over me so I wouldn’t get wet.

It also made me think about how, metaphorically speaking, we all need friends (and to be a friend) who will walk in the rain holding umbrellas for others.

Since I’ve self-published my books, it has become abundantly clear as to who are the friends and family willing to hold that umbrella over me.

And I’m grateful beyond words for each and every one of them.

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