Holiday Entertaining Tips and Tricks

Back in July, a reporter from USA Today contacted me about some holiday entertaining tips and recipes for a publication they are putting out this fall. Flattered, excited and giddy, I put together some of my favorite recipes and tips that help make entertaining easy and fun.

That got me started thinking about putting together a holiday entertaining book.

If all goes according to plan, in a couple weeks that book should be available for downloading most anywhere ebooks are sold.

Savvy Holiday Entertaining plays off the title of my entertaining blog and will offer a variety of helpful hints, tips and tricks for holiday entertaining. Some of the info is from my blog, some of it is new, but it all comes together to give the reader some great ideas for getting through this holiday season with a little more fun and a lot less stress.

When I was doing home parties for a direct sales company, a big focus of what we were selling was the entertaining at home experience. I loved the idea that anyone can entertain at home if they got over preconceived ideas of what is expected and just have fun with it. Too many people (me included) worry about how our house looks, how good the food will taste, what others will think of that wall that needs painted instead of putting the focus where it belongs which is on building relationships and creating good memories with the people we care about.

That is the heart of entertaining at home and that is what this book highlights.

The final product is about 60 pages with a bonus section of recipes at the back including the recipe for Vanilla Panna Cotta with Raspberry Coulis. While it sounds fancy and snob-worthy, it is simple to make and so beautiful to serve. Then there is the yum-factor. It rates about 9 on my scale of 1-10.

Also, at the end of this book, I’ve included the first chapter to my holiday novel, The Cowboy’s Christmas Plan, which will be available in just a few weeks as well. The novel will retail for $2.99 and the entertaining book will be available for free. Yep, free! It will take a few weeks for Amazon to move the price from 99 cents to free, so if you can wait a few weeks, you can download it for nothing, otherwise, you’ll have to fork over your 99  cents. But I think you’ll get your money’s worth either way!

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