Holiday Memories

We just got back from a visit with my Mom and Dad, my brothers and their  families. Being with them this time of year sure brought back a wealth of memories.

The photo above was taken at my aunt and uncle’s home as we gathered with our large extended family for Christmas circa sometime in the early 80s. You can barely see the face of my niece Karla to the left. Mom is sitting next to me on the couch, then my sister with my adorable nephew Matt in the purple shirt. My niece Amanda is the tiny little head in the photo. Be sure to laugh at my ridiculously large plastic barrette. I think I had no less than four pairs in various shapes. Good grief.

Anyway, the holidays were always a time when my parents would gather with their siblings and their children. It always meant a day filled with lots of warm hugs, oodles of good things to eat and presents (not that I got excited about that part, at all).

We knew when a holiday rolled around we would either be hosting or attending a large gathering that could exceed more than 50 people for lunch, quite often with several lingering long past the dark of evening would settle in.

Going to bed happy and exhausted was just all a part of the celebration of the day.

What family traditions to you have? How do you celebrate the day?

She Who Misses those Big Gatherings

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