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One of the things I love about getting ready to write a new story is creating the characters.

Once I decide on how the character looks in my mind’s eye, I start searching online for visuals to help reinforce my vision for the main characters (and sometimes the secondary characters, too).

For Home of Her Heart, I knew right away I needed a visual of a man who looked like a soldier for Klayne Campbell’s character.


Brendan Penny fit the bill particularly well. I could totally see him as Klayne.


It was easy to picture him as the loner Klayne. As someone quiet yet sensitive, even if he didn’t always know how to express himself.


It’s no wonder Delaney fell head over heels in love with him.

The character of Delaney… she’s tough and strong, sassy and bold, yet softhearted and gentle.

I thought Jana Kramer made a perfect Delaney… ¬†from that winning smile


right down to the smirk that so enchants Klayne.


I could just picture Delaney standing at her bedroom window, wondering if Klayne will ever come home.



For Delaney’s nephew, Ryatt, I chose Levi Miller. He’s such a little cutie and I could just picture him as the wounded yet loving boy.

As for Delaney’s dad, Dill, I didn’t have a clear vision in mind.

Who do you think would be a good visual represenation of Dill Danvers?

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