Although my favorite books to read are historic Christian fiction set in the 1850s-1920s time frame, sometimes I like to shake things up a bit.

Captain Cavedweller actually picked up this book for me a couple weeks ago. He’s good that way at finding books I probably would not pick for myself but absolutely love when I start reading them. I have one entire shelf of books that transports me to times of dragons, medieval plots and treachery.

Hood by Stephen R. Lawhead is about the beginnings of the legend of Robin Hood. Set in the Wales in 1093, the folk hero takes on the name Bran. When Bran’s father, king of Elfael is killed, Norman invaders take over the land and the people. Instead of staying to fight, Bran decides to relinquish his crown and flees. He is hunted down and gravely injured and the Norman’s believe him to be dead. He is, however, rescued by a healer with a vision of what Bran’s mission in life truly is. He joins a ragtag crew of characters in fighting to gain back Elfael for his people and reclaim his rightful place as king of Elfael.

Of course, this is book one of a triology, so I’ll have to read the other two!

The story is well written and stirs a variety of emotions from sadness and despair to humor. It did seem to bog down a bit in the middle, but quickly picked up steam again as it galloped right up to the exciting ending.

If you enjoy medieval tales, adventure stories or folk tales, give this book a try. I think you’ll really enjoy it.

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