Hope for Humanity

Captain Cavedweller and I were driving home Easter Sunday and happened upon a wreck. Due to the lack of any emergency personnel there, we assumed the one-vehicle accident had just occurred.

From the flattened reflective markers on the left side of the freeway and the skid marks across both lanes, it appeared the driver had gone off the road to the left, over-corrected and crossed both lanes of traffic before flipping upside down in a grassy area to the right side of the road.

We would have stopped, but there were already several cars parked on the side of the road with people all around the injured occupant of the vehicle. Lights flashing in the distance indicated emergency vehicles  were drawing near.

Hand in a hand

The thing about that accident that stayed with me is the outpouring of humanity I witnessed in that moment.

No one cared what color the driver’s skin was or where the driver was from. Political opinions, religious preferences and gender made no difference. The fact it was a holiday and people had places to be and things to do played no part in the outpouring of care we saw.

In a world where it often seems all the news is filled with horrible, ugly, hateful, tragic things, it was incredible to see so many people stop to help a stranger.

Moments like that truly restore my hope in humanity and help me keep life in perspective. They also fill my heart with gratitude that there truly is good in the world.

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