Houston, We Have a Problem

It all started a week before my birthday when a wonderful, sweet friend gave me a new purse.

Not just any purse, mind you, but a Miche Bag.

I’ll admit, I have avoided getting into the whole Miche Bag craze because I didn’t like the size of any of their handbags. Some were too small, others were too big. Then they came out with the perfect size-  the Demi Shell.

For those of you who have not yet been sucked in to the vortex of purse buying madness, here is how this works: Miche created a basic liner that is magnetically held inside a shell. For the fashion forward, this is fantastic because instead of changing purses and finding yourself in line at the grocery store without your wallet which is in your other purse, you just change out the outside shell and never have to worry about leaving something important behind.

Miche Bags come in a variety of sizes with handle and liner options and accessories.

So many, in fact, it can be mind boggling.

I was a bit skeptical at first, when my friend gave me this wonderful black handbag. I’m kind of picky when it comes to the purse I carry, but I loved it immediately. So much in fact,  before another week had passed, I was the owner of this shell.

It is a beautiful, shiny candy-apple red that I proudly carried through the entire holiday season. Evidently, I can be blamed for the madness spreading because when we went to visit family before Christmas my 79-year-old fashionista auntie was so taken with it, my uncle got her a demi bag with two shells for Christmas.

Yep, the addiction spreads like a disease.

For Christmas, my wonderful friend who started all this, gave me another shell.

A simple, silvery shell that I have discovered goes with everything. Literally, everything.

Then, as a final nail in my coffin, the shop manager where I drool over shells came to see me with a new spring shell.

I’ll be picking this one up later today…

Houston, we have most definitely got a problem.

She Who Must Stop Looking at Shells!

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