How Men Think

how men think

James Taylor wrote an interesting perspective on how to understand men in his book How Men Think: Read His Mind & Unlock the Secrets to His Heart.

For women who have no idea why men do the things they do and would like a better understanding of not only the reasons behind what they do but how to tailor interactions with men for a more positive outcome, this book could be a helpful tool.

He provides answers to questions like these:

• How does he really feel about me?

• Why won’t he commit?

• What do men find attractive in a woman?

• Why do men lie to women?

• Why do men pull away?

• Why do men play games with women?

• Why do men cheat?

• Does he find me attractive?

• Why do men not call back when they say they will?

• Why do men go for “naughty” rather than “nice girls”?

For me, I found the book very interesting. I’ve spent the last twenty years with Captain Cavedweller who is not your typical male at all and if you don’t believe me, you can ask any of my friends.

As I was reading through the book, I kept asking questions like “do guys really do that?” and “do guys really think this way?”

Taylor does give a unique look into the workings of the male mind and offers some suggestions on how to have more successful and fulfilling relationships with men.

If you’ve got no clue on how men think or how to handle them, this book might be a good starting point.

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