How to Be a Cowboy

The new book I am writing involves a character who grew up in the city and has no clue, I mean no clue, about cowboys, ranching or country living.

For fun, I ordered How to Be a Cowboy by Jim Arndt just to see what kind of step by step guide he offered.

I have to tell you, I have been entertained by this book probably more than I should. But then, I grew up in the country with cowboys and horses and evil, demented cattle.

If someone was truly trying to learn how to become a cowboy and live on a ranch, I don’t know that this particular book would be the best selection. Those looking for some fun entertainment and a generic idea about “cowboying” will be amused by it. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and have gotten some fun ideas to weave into my clueless character from it.

The chapters cover everything from attire, to the cowboy code of behavior, to quotes  from one of my favorites РWill Rogers.

I was lucky enough to find a used copy from Amazon which arrived in perfect condition and looks brand new.

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